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About the Foundation

The Arizona Masonic Foundation for Children was incorporated in November 1995, and became tax-exempt as a 501c (3) corporation on October 29, 1997; the foundation is registered with the Secretary of State as a charitable organization under ARS 44.6552.  The names of such Arizona Masons as Gerald H. Lankin, John Krom, C. A. Metcalf, Jr., William Jeffers, Jr., Larry Schafer, Ron Allen and Robert F. Henderson appear on the Articles of Incorporation which stated: “the initial and principal purposes of the corporation shall be to do, only in a charitable manner, all those things that will develop character and usefulness of youth, improve the spiritual, mental, social and physical condition of boys and young men, and girls and young women in the State of Arizona; foster responsible citizens; combat and curb juvenile delinquency…” “…by sponsoring, organizing and operating, without profit to the corporation, programs directed at advancing the education of youth, drug and alcohol abuse programs, and other types of youth-oriented activities,…” 

AMFC builds on Freemasonry’s centuries-old tradition of helping the most vulnerable in our society, including the very young. Today, more than ever, children need help in becoming responsible adults as they face countless challenges – broken homes, patterns of substance abuse in families, a complex world with many traditional nurturing institutions shaken. Freemasons are sensitive to the fundamental belief that our children are our future. We cannot neglect the needs of today’s children if we expect them to grow up to be happy, healthy, productive stewards of our future. We, the Masons of Arizona have not neglected the needs of those children since that fateful day in 1995. Primarily we have done this through the Masonic Model Student Assistance Program (MSAP) or Children @Risk Program as some of you know it and doing it quite well!   

Our MSAP program is really a “partnership” serving at risk children of Arizona. Firstly, it is sponsored by us the AMFC who can facilitate the process however, we lack the required knowledge, skills, and opportunities for intervention with at risk children; Therefore, it is presented by professionals from Newman/Stecher International who are the original developers of MSAP and at-risk experts, under the auspices of the National Masonic Foundation for Children. Lastly, it is attended by “educators” who interface with the children of Arizona every day and can most effectively use the knowledge and tools to intervene in the lives of our children who are at risk. Through this partnership, this intervention model is offered at no cost to the schools/participants, who are asked in return for their attendance & commitment for the entire 3 days – we provide a comfortable learning environment with professional and knowledgeable instructors.

Since 2006 Over $530,000 Of Grants And Donations Received. 

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Who we Are?

AZ Masonic Foundation for Children is a 501(c)3 charity  registered with the Secretary of State of AZ to solicit donations in  support of our charitable school programs. Mail your donation to:
Treasurer AMFC
P.O. Box 32605
Tucson, AZ.

Our Vision

That the Arizona Masonic Foundation for Children be the premier provider of programs to enhance the lives of children in Arizona.

Our Mission

To provide training of such exceptional quality, that every school in Arizona will adopt the “Children at Risk Program” as the intervention program of choice.

To identify, develop and implement additional child centered programs that educate, nurture, fortify, and enrich the lives of the youth of Arizona.

Arizona Masonic Foundation For Children
Board of Directors