Children At Risk Program

A Child at Risk Will Remain At Risk Until Someone Intervenes-Won't You Take This Opportunity To Intervene?

Current Openings

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Interface with school Principals, Superintendents to arrange AMFC classes. Fund raising activities.

Design media to attract viewers to the AMFC website.

The Assistant Treasurer will assist the current AMFC Treasurer.

The Assistant AMFC Registrar will help the current Registrar in registering and keeping track of attendance at AMFC classes and fill in for the current Registrar if he is unable to participate in classes.

Description Coming Soon!

Description Coming Soon!

Also needed are positions for Fraternal Fund Raiser, Non-Fraternal Fundraiser, and Commercial Fund Raiser.

Description Coming Soon!

Will liase with individual Masonic Lodges and other Masonic bodies to promote the AMFC program.

Interface with the OES to promote the AMFC Program.

Interface with Arizona Tribes to make them aware of the AMFC program, raise funds from the Tribes and invite them to have the Foundation put on classes for the Tribes.

The Foundation Writer’s duty is to write grant proposals to prospective donors. 

MSAP Class Support

Provide support to the MSAP classes as follows:

LOCAL IN PERSON CLASSES-Participate in the support team that conducts and facilitates the in person MSAP classes.

VIRTUAL CLASSES-Provide support in monitoring the Virtual Zoom sessions.

Fundraiser Support

Provide support to the various fund raising efforts by the Foundation through your participation or facilitation.

Re-Broadcasting Support

Volunteer to be on a list of those who would receive Foundation broadcasts which you will then rebroadcast out to your individual networks to increase the desired coverage. 

If you have a desire and willingness to pursue providing support in any of the areas above, please contact the AMFC President at President@foundation4children.org or call 520-749-4307 to discuss the requirements, your qualifications and your desire to support.

Volunteer Data Sheet

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